Eco-sustainability This decision is part of our heritage and reflects how we have always been

We inherited the decision to use organic products from our grandfather, who was the first to eat the vegetables and fruit he grew, including the grapes, and wanted a healthy product without chemicals.

In the vineyard

  • 01Grassing

    We use essences such as mustard, barley and field beans, which are crucial for improving the soil structure and protecting it from erosion.

  • 02Green manure

    We use it to provide organic matter and maintain the natural balance of the vineyard.

  • 03Composting

    We use manure from local farms that is fermented with pomace and stalks from the pressing of our grapes.

  • 04Protection

    Vine protection treatments are only carried out with copper and sulphur, without using herbicides.

  • 05Grape harvest

    Our harvest is entirely done by hand and under the supervision of a family member.

My vineyards, my garden and my orchard have always been cultivated with a view to quality and genuineness. My customers at the restaurant should enjoy the same quality and healthy wine as my family at home.
Carlo Deltetto Sr.

In the wine cellar

  • 01Sulphurous reduction

    Reduced to about half the organic limit by means of the Pied de Cuve method, without the addition of sulphur dioxide at the start of fermentation, and protection during the transfer stage by means of carbon dioxide produced naturally by yeasts during fermentation.

  • 02Clarification

    Only carried out with vegetable derived products.

  • 03Filtration

    Our utmost care is given to the wine’s quality and properties: no filtration for reds and low pressure filtration on ceramic support, with no adjuvants, for white wines.

The sulphur dioxide in the wine cellar is as close to zero as it always was; the natural wine-making process alone is sufficient to protect the wine over time. The same applies to red wines, where the “cleanliness” is obtained through the micro-oxygenation effect of the wood where it is kept.
Tony Deltetto

Renewable energy and recycling

  • 01Fertilization

    Use of stems and pomace to fertilize the vineyards.

  • 02Renewable energy

    Use of electrical energy obtained from our photovoltaic system.

  • 03Packaging

    Use of FSC-certified recycled cardboard in our packaging.

  • 04Scraps

    There is no waste product from the white wine filtration process.

  • 05Cleaning

    Wooden tanks and barrels are cleaned and sanitized with just hot water and steam.

  • 06Purification

    Self-contained purifying plant for waste water.

Our production has been certified organic since 2017 and our company has received an award in 2018 for its commitment to protecting the environment.

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Our farm gates are always open for you! Ours is a family-run environment that conveys our passion through the fruit of our labour.

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