The winery A great winemaking tradition with an eye to the future

The winery | Deltetto

The beginnings

Ours, is a family of vine growers since late ‘800s, when our great-great grandfather produced the first bottles of Nebbiolo and Barbera in his farmstead located in the fraction I Lioni in Canale.

In 1953 our grandfather Carlo, known as Carlin, with his wife Catterina, decided to establish his winery in Canale, in the heart of Roero region, continuing his family tradition, with a glimpse to the Langa of Barolo.

Since 2017 our production is certified organic and in 2018 we were awarded for our commitment in preserving the environment.

The 70s/80s

In 1977, a young Antonio, just graduated from winemaking school in Alba, decided to follow his dad’s steps, blending to tradition his passion for white and sparkling wines

It’s from here that the first bottles of Arneis San Michele were born together with the first Nebbiolo and Arneis-based sparklings.

A great winemaking tradition with an eye to the future
I still remember my first bottles of Spumante. I had only produced 1200 bottles and I gave them to my friends and customers. I was astonished at how many people called me to thank me and tell me to continue on that path.
Tony Deltetto
A great winemaking tradition with an eye to the future

The 2000s

20 years later, in 1997, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were planted and in 2000 we released the first “metodo classico” made from international varieties.

Today Carlo, Cristina and Claudia, with their mum Graziella and their dad Tony, continue this great family tradition, respecting nature and its fruits as “nonno Carlin” taught them.

Now to Lidia, Anna and Leone the duty and honor to write the next chapter of this long and fascinating history.

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Our farm gates are always open for you! Ours is a family-run environment that conveys our passion through the fruit of our labour.

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