The winery A great winemaking tradition with an eye to the future

The beginnings

Our story begins at the end of the 19th century, when our great-great-grandfather began producing the first bottles of Nebbiolo and Barbera in the farmhouse in the “I Lioni” hamlet, on the steep hills of the Roero.

In 1953 our grandfather Carlo, for all Carlin, together with his wife Catterina, decided to found his winery in Canale, in the heart of Roero. As a craftsman, he immediately recognized the great potential of the territory and its fruits, sinking the roots of an ethical and responsible agriculture, still today handed down to us descendants. In addition to the traditional productions of Roero Rosso, he took a little look at the Langa of Barolo, giving our company the title of “Historic Cellar” in which it is possible to vinify and produce the Langa DOCG. 

Since 2017 our production is certified organic and in 2018 we were awarded for our commitment in preserving the environment.

The 70s/80s

In 1977 a young Antonio, just graduated from the Umberto I oenological school in Alba, took over the reins of the company revolutionizing its production, introducing innovative methods in the vineyard and in the cellar, adopting high quality criteria that made him emerge in the wine scene Piedmontese. His farsightedness, together with his personal passion for the Classic Method and white wines, gave birth to the first bottles of Roero Bianco from the San Michele vineyard and of Spumante Metodo Classico based on Nebbiolo and Arneis. The sparkling wine project was put on pause, allowing him to focus on the indigenous production which would then be transformed into DOCG in the following years. 

A great winemaking tradition with an eye to the future
I still remember my first bottles of Spumante. I had only produced 1200 bottles and I gave them to my friends and customers. I was astonished at how many people called me to thank me and tell me to continue on that path.
Tony Deltetto
A great winemaking tradition with an eye to the future

The 2000s

Twenty years later, in 1997, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were planted for the first time on the farm and from these grapes in 2000 saw the light of the first Classic Method Spumante produced with international vines. 

In recent years, with the advent of the new Alta Langa DOCG, our sparkling wine production has moved to the high hills of Roddino. With the 2016 vintage, our Alta Langa Brut was awarded as the Best Italian Classic Method by Decanter Magazine. 

Today Carlo, Cristina and Claudia, together with their mother Graziella and their father Tony, carry on this great family tradition, respecting nature and its fruits as their grandfather Carlin has always taught.

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