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A limited-edition project born from the desire to embrace wine, art and culture, addressing an important different socio-cultural theme every year.

The sea On the waves of our hills

“Plastic is the material that nature has forgotten to create” What if Roero, submerged by the Golfo Padano up to 2/3 million years ago, was also full of fragments of plastic objects, instead of our fossils?

The sea and Roero.

Roero is a territory of marine origin which is rather recent from a geological point of view. The numerous fossils present on our hills are the testimony of the emergence from the Golfo Padano, an internal sea which was present when the Adriatic Sea from Venice extended over today's Po valley. The Roero hills are a mosaic of different soils with sands and alluvium, a soft soil rich in minerals that gives fragrant, complex but at the same time very elegant wines.

The artistAlice Piaggio

Alice Piaggio is an artist who works with illustration, graphic art and painting.

She was born in Genova and she grew up in Bogliasco, a small village frequented by surfers and fishermen. In 2014 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and in the same year she moved to Urbino where, in 2017, she graduated in the illustration course at ISIA. In 2019 she won the Premio Illustri in the Magazine and Daily Newspapers category. She is co-founder of PELO Magazine and she currently works with Italian and foreign magazines and publishing houses.

Alice Piaggio

Alice Piaggio Website

The causeMarevivo

Since 1985 she has worked for the protection of the sea, defending its vital functions and its equilibrium with all the living beings, plants and animals that inhabit it.

The Deltetto family, with this project, undertakes to support the “Marevivo” ONLUS.

The sea is our home, our mother, our life. The sea represents 70% of the Planet’s surface, it produces over 50% of the oxygen we breath, it absorbs one third of carbon dioxide gas responsible for climate changes and it represents 98% of the territory inhabited by life.
It can continue to carry out its vital functions only if it is in good health and in balance with all the living beings, plants and animals that inhabit it.
“Together, we can change the value system of our society, to truly understand and feel the indissoluble bond that ties us to the sea” - Rosalba Giugni, president of Marevivo.

This project supports

Associazione Ambientalista Marevivo Onlus - Roma Website

The wineRoero Arneis Docg
San Defendente Riserva

Roero Arneis Docg San Defendente Riserva

Limited edition 1,748 bottles and 40 numbered magnums

Roero Arneis d.o.c.g.

San Defendente

2018 Riserva

The wineryDeltetto 1953

The company was born in 1953 from the deep passion for our land: Roero.

Today the same passion animates Antonio and his sons Carlo, Cristina and Claudia who want to carry on the family tradition. We select the best soils according to the peculiarities of the individual vineyards, seeking the perfect synergy between vine and soil. We pay maximum attention to sustainability in the vineyard, where cultivation is exclusively organic, while the approach in the cellar focuses on the search for finesse and expressive authenticity.

Discover the winery

Deltetto Website

Discover the winery

Deltetto Website

CreatorsClaudia, Andrea, Eunice, Broga Doite Film

Claudia Deltetto - Creator

Claudia Deltetto - Ideatrice

Andrea Viberti - Art Director

Andrea Viberti - Art Director

Eunice Brovida - Photographer

Eunice Brovida - Fotografa

Broga Doite Film - Videomaker

Broga Doite Film - Videomaker