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A limited-edition project born from the desire to embrace wine, art and culture, addressing an important different socio-cultural theme every year.

WawesThe eco of biodiversity

In her work, Sterenn Depret strives, through the use of the figurative line, to evoke the elements, the animal and its environment. It's a constant search of the affinity between the ephemeral and the undecided.

The Plankton Observatory

Plankton is the planet's main lung as it produces over 60% of the oxygen we breathe and therefore plays an essential role in the fight against climate change.
For nearly 20 years, the Plankton Observatory has worked to introduce the incredible world of plankton and aquatic environments to as many people as possible.

The ArtistSterenn Depret

Sterenn Depret lives and works in Douarnenez, Finistère.

In 2010 she opened her engraving studio in Douarnenez, experimenting and developing an alternative and non-toxic method of engraving. Various meetings, exchanges and collaborations with musicians, poets, scientists, have fueled her reflections on the territory, and the challenges of the place of wild nature, its freedom, its dominion. Her creative process is an empirical research of the surrounding world.

Sterenn Depret

Sterenn Depret Website

The causeThe Plankton Observatory

“The observatory is an original and unique discovery tool in France. We observe a drop of water under a microscope or with 3D tools for the blind, this allows us to investigate and address the problems of pollution and the impact of man on ecosystems.”

The Deltetto family, with this project, undertakes to support the ONLUS “Observatoire du Plancton”.

The aim of the Plankton Observatory is to spread knowledge about microscopic marine and aquatic worlds to actively participate in the protection of the oceans.

This project supports

Observatorire du Plancton Website

The wineRoero Arneis Docg
San Defendente Riserva 2020

Discover the wine

The wine
Roero Arneis Docg San Defendente Riserva 2020

Limited edition 2678 bottles and 61 magnum

Roero Arneis d.o.c.g.

San Defendente

2020 Riserva

The wineryDeltetto 1953

The company was born in 1953 from the deep passion for our land: Roero.

Today the same passion animates Antonio and his sons Carlo, Cristina and Claudia who want to carry on the family tradition. We select the best soils according to the peculiarities of the individual vineyards, seeking the perfect synergy between vine and soil. We pay maximum attention to sustainability in the vineyard, where cultivation is exclusively organic, while the approach in the cellar focuses on the search for finesse and expressive authenticity.

Discover the winery

Deltetto Website

Discover the winery

Deltetto Website

CreatorsClaudia, Andrea, Sterenn

Sterenn Depret x Deltetto