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A limited-edition project born from the desire to embrace wine, art and culture, addressing an important different socio-cultural theme every year.

The StruggleLet’s break our inner barriers

Chidy Wayne’s warriors speak of the inner struggle, the constant questioning of ourselves and our inner strength that drives us impetuously as we strive to achieve our goals.

Mental health, the great taboo of our generation.

What’s a taboo?
“"If I can't understand it, if I can't solve it, if it scares me so much that I can't tolerate its existence, that's a taboo..."
Mental health is one of the most relevant issues of our generation (and beyond), it affects everyone to varying degrees and we are all responsible for its normalization.
The struggle starts with ourselves, but must embrace dialogue to protect our well-being, the fulcrum of physical and mental health.

The ArtistChidy Wayne

Chidy Wayne is a Spanish Guinean multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona.

He word in various media including painting, sculpture, design, music and animation. Chidy Wayne’s pieces are influenced by the artistic avant-guarde as well as by ancestral and cultural elements, giving his drawings a certain primitive character, although urban art and contemporary forms are also present in his style.

Chidy Wayne

Chidy Wayne Website

The causeProgetto Itaca

“For the mind, with the heart”
Project Itaca Onluy is a non-profit association which promote information programs, prevention, support and rehabilitation for people with mental health disorders and their families.

The Deltetto family, with this project, undertakes to support the “Progetto Itaca” ONLUS.

The mission of the ONLUS is to sensitize the community in order to overcome stigma and prejudice. To inform people in order to prevent disorders and to orient them towards diagnosis and treatment. To support these individuals and their families in the process of recovery of their wellbeing and life fulfillment.

This project supports

Progetto Itaca - Onlus Website

The wineRoero Arneis Docg
San Defendente Riserva 2019

Discover the wine

The wine
Roero Arneis Docg San Defendente Riserva 2019

Limited edition 2213 bottles and 40 magnum

Roero Arneis d.o.c.g.

San Defendente

2019 Riserva

The wineryDeltetto 1953

The company was born in 1953 from the deep passion for our land: Roero.

Today the same passion animates Antonio and his sons Carlo, Cristina and Claudia who want to carry on the family tradition. We select the best soils according to the peculiarities of the individual vineyards, seeking the perfect synergy between vine and soil. We pay maximum attention to sustainability in the vineyard, where cultivation is exclusively organic, while the approach in the cellar focuses on the search for finesse and expressive authenticity.

Discover the winery

Deltetto Website

Discover the winery

Deltetto Website

CreatorsClaudia, Andrea, Eunice, Alejandro

Claudia Deltetto - Creator

Claudia Deltetto - Creator

Andrea Viberti - Art Director

Andrea Viberti - Art Director

Eunice Brovida - Photographer

Eunice Brovida - Photographer

Alejandro Morena - Videomaker

Alejandro Morena - Videomaker