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Roero Arneis Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita


San Defendente

San Defendente, a small hamlet found in the hills surrounding Canale in the Piedmont region, has always been “home” to the Deltetto family. Our Reserve wine emerges from this historic vineyard which is today part of the Roero DOCG wine region. An altitude of over 300 metres, combined with an excellent exposure, allows us to harvest grapes when they are perfectly ripe. This produces a complex wine which still has the noteworthy acidity essential for extensive ageing.

Limited Production to 1748 bottles and 40 magnums. Numbered bottles.

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Grape variety



Fermentation at 16°C in second passage French oak barriques for about 6 months and bottle aging for a minimum one year.


6-months in second passage French oak barriques then subsequent ageing in the bottle for 1 year.

Organolectic characteristics

An intense straw yellow colour with a fine, intriguing and heterogeneous nose; flowers and ripe fruits accompany hydrocarbon notes In the mouth its freshness and flavour is contrasted by softness and structure.


Starters, first courses, blue fish and shellfish.

Serving temperature

9°C - 48°F


0,75l – 1,5l

Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic and microplastic waste end up in the sea and often come into contact with marine fauna, which get trapped or suffocate after ingesting it.

Artist's labels

The project grows out of the desire to embrace both art and culture. Each year we consider a particular sociocultural issue in depth.

  • Roero Arneis Docg San Defendente Riserva

    Roero ArneisRiserva

    San Defendente


Other wines


Our Barolo, vinified in our historical cellar in Canale since 1961, is from a single vineyard in Castiglione Falletto town.


Our Grappas, white and aged, are made in collaboration with the historic Marolo distillery and by carefully choosing the best grapes from our ancient San Michele and Braja vineyards.

Langhe Suasì

These two wines, refreshing and a pleasure to drink, are made from a small selection of grapes harvested slightly in advance. The name "Suasi" comes from the Piemontese dialect, meaning "Chosen".

Le conchiglie del Roero

The shells are the witness of the marine origins of Roero, a soil characterized by sandstones, rocks composed of sand and limestone. This soft soil, rich in minerals, enhances the aromatic characteristics of white wines and gives red wines great elegance and longevity.

Red wines

Our family has always believed in native varieties from Piedmont such as Barbera and Nebbiolo. Our vineyards in Santo Stefano Roero, Castellinaldo and Canale were carefully selected after soil checks and exposures.


Our Classic Method Spumante was born were born in 1980 from Antonio Deltetto's passion for sparkling wines. From a careful vineyard selection, today we produce three cuvées. In order to guarantee the highest quality level, each single step of production, from lees ageing to dégorgement is thoroughly followed and checked by our enologists, Antonio and Carlo Deltetto.

White wines

In Roero we find Arneis, the main grape variety, also considered between the most important ones of our region; our selection Daivej is dedicated to our ancestors. In Gavi region we find the Cortese grapes, while another important one is Favorita, sister of Vermentino from Liguria, that is perfect for everyday drinking. To finish in sweetness, Bric du Liun and Moscato d'Asti.

Our production has been certified organic since 2017 and our company has received an award in 2018 for its commitment to protecting the environment.

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